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Reborn is a Quetzalcoatl based Linkshell that focuses on the most difficult content available. This is a very team oriented Linkshell. We strive on team work, consistency, and excellence. If you feel you share these traits, feel free to apply!

  • We run events nightly beginning at 9 PM EST. We do a variety of events based on which members are available, job setups, member wish lists, and other considerations.

We are a select group. We do not expect our members to be here every night, but about three times a week. We do allow secondary Linkshells, but Reborn must be your primary Linkshell and not conflict with events. Ventrilo is required (even if you don't have a mic). Most of the strategy is discussed and coordinated over Ventrilo, as well as most of the socializing.

There are other statics in the Linkshell that do Salvage, Nyzul, Meebles, Skirmish, Einherjar, Mythic, etc., which are not mandatory by the Linkshell. We are a friendly group. You can usually get help with anything within the LS for any side events or quests.

What we're actively seeking:
  • DD (which include):
  • PLD
  • RUN
  • RNG
  • BRD
  • WHM
  • SCH
  • SMN
  • BLM
  • COR
  • GEO
  • RDM
(You're expected to be diverse and fulfill at least three of the mentioned roles.)

Thank you for considering Reborn!

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