Cobb replied

224 weeks ago

Character name (Past and present.): Cobb

Character type (Shantotto types are automatically accepted.): Hume, Male

Server (Past and present.): Cerberus

Previous Linkshells: Gillionaires, Esquire

Playtimes (It's assumed you can make at least a few times a week.):
My schedule fits very nicely with Reborn's event times and I should be present at most events.

Crafts (Skill and relevant GP items.): No crafts at this time.

Jobs (Jobs that are geared and ready to play.):
I try to keep 3 jobs geared at a time, mostly based on demand. They currently are:

Item sets (Post SpellCast XMLs, Script Macros, GearSwap Lua, or link FFXIAH item sets.):
My ffxiah profile:

Additional comments:
RNG : 3 set variations up. The gear change, however, is liquid depending on the mob/setup/situation.
SAM Main: Koga/amano/mura
PLD: Probably won't be of any use until burtgang is finished

*I don't like to keep my item sets public, and would like to take them down in a couple days.

Do you have Ventrilo (This is required.)? Yes

Is there anyone you're already familiar with in Reborn? No

Why do you wish to join Reborn?
I miss the structured environment of an endgame Linkshell and Reborn's schedule works well for me. I've also chatted with a few people who have transferred from quetz to cerb and they've all spoken very highly of Reborn and it's high standards.

If there's any other information you may think is relevant, please feel free to let us know.
If at all possible, I'd like to bring my alt with me. She has WHM BLM SCH (for stun/embrava), jobs I don't mind playing if needed for LS events. I've made a few of her gearsets public as well.

Vernix Leader replied

224 weeks ago

Sets look good. Can talk to either me, Elysien or Coder for a pearl. We'll plan to have you mostly on RNG or PLD for AA/DM, and feel free to bring your alt to events as needed. We're always looking for well geared and knowledgable players who understand basic game mechanics. See you soon.

I Love Melly Leader replied

224 weeks ago


piupiusan replied

223 weeks ago

CG cobb u join Reborn ^^
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