Profiterole replied

216 weeks ago

Character name (Past and present.):
Prier and Tempi in the old days. Ganache at present.

Character type (Shantotto types are automatically accepted.):
Taru F power

Server (Past and present.):
Midgardsormr, and then Quetzalcoatl of course.

Previous Linkshells:
ParadiseOblivion, EveryonesGrudge, SAGoons

Playtimes (It's assumed you can make at least a few times a week.):
I'm completely free Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings. My availability varies on other evenings, though I'll be certain to attend events at least a few times a week.

Crafts (Skill and relevant GP items.):
None at present.

Jobs (Jobs that are geared and ready to play.):

Item sets (Post SpellCast XMLs, Script Macros, GearSwap Lua, or link FFXIAH item sets.):

Do you have Ventrilo (This is required.)?

Is there anyone you're already familiar with in Reborn?
Cobb, Jadey

Why do you wish to join Reborn?
I miss being part of an active endgame community. While much of endgame can now be done (albeit poorly!) in casual pickup groups, I find it far more enjoyable to play with a stable community of good dudes who know what they are doing. And I've been impressed with Reborn folks both as good dudes and as good players. I'd love to join in!

If there's any other information you may think is relevant, please feel free to let us know.
You may notice that I don't have any SCH gear sets listed on ffxiah. While the job is fully playable for endgame content, I have yet to gear it at the level of my RNG or COR, so my sets are in flux. I would be more than happy to continue gearing it up for use in events.
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