Mitsunari replied

187 weeks ago

Character name (Past and present.): Mitsunarii

Character type (Shantotto types are automatically accepted.): Elvaan M

Server (Past and present.): Quezt then Server moved to Unicorn which got merged with Fenrir(which im on now)

Previous Linkshells: Grudge / Enlightened

Playtimes (It's assumed you can make events about 2-3 times a week.): On Everyday Unless Late Work Nights or Personal Family Events

Crafts (Skill and relevant GP items.): None.

Jobs (Jobs that are geared and ready to play.): SAM NIN COR BLU All 119 AF/RELIC/High-Tier Content Gear aka MesYohi Haubby Ouryu Legs etc. DRK is being Fixed as I apply to this.

Item sets (Post SpellCast XMLs, Script Macros, GearSwap Lua, or link FFXIAH item sets.): I use Original Macro Gear Swap Since Im On Xbox

Do you have Ventrilo (This is required.)? Yes, I do

Is there anyone you're already familiar with in Reborn? No.

Why do you wish to join Reborn? I Am a Normal FFXI Player Looking to join a Linkshell that gets the Job Done and Likes to have fun in the process in doing so and I Love to help others Achieve their goals out of respect

If there's any other information you may think is relevant, please feel free to let us know. I am well Experienced with Current Content Up to date till further Updates. I have access to everything except for Provnece Watcher.

I Love Melly Leader replied

186 weeks ago

Your app is currently under consideration.

Mitsunari replied

186 weeks ago

I am on Cerberus right now. just that Xbox is having serious problems at the moment..
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