Bonzaivon Member replied

175 weeks ago

Character name (past and present):Von on Midgar, Bonzaivon on Cerberus/Quetz

Character type (Shantotto types are automatically accepted):Hume M

Server (past and present):Midgar, Cerberus and Quetz

Previous Linkshells: Calamity,NRHQ, ElectricMayhem(Cerberus)

Playtimes (it's assumed you can make events about 2-3 times a week): 5PMCST-12AMCST

Crafts (skill and relevant GP items):

Jobs (jobs that are geared and ready to play):MNK,THF,DNC,SAM,WHM,SMN,BLM

Gear sets: WS, TP, ACC, PDT for DDs, Idle, CurePot, FC,PDT for mages

Do you have Ventrilo (this is required)? Yes, Mic included

Is there anyone you're already familiar with in Reborn? Known Mck, and PUG with Taberifx

Why do you wish to join Reborn? I wish to join Reborn in the hopes of feeling FFXI glory once again!

If there's any other information you may think is relevant, please feel free to let us know. Hope to see yous around!!

I Love Melly Leader replied

175 weeks ago

Hey, there! I should be online in a couple hours, I can reach you via tell ;)
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