Jykia Member replied

174 weeks ago

Character name (past and present): Jykia

Character type (Shantotto types are automatically accepted):Mithra redhead

Server (past and present):Midgar, Quis, Cerb, back to Quis

Previous Linkshells:Helldive, Impact

Playtimes (it's assumed you can make events about 2-3 times a week):varies depending on work sced, but can make at least 2 times a week until november season hits

Crafts (skill and relevant GP items): ww91 and growing

Jobs (jobs that are geared and ready to play): whm (main) dnc

Gear sets: full cure sets- pre/mid/after, curaga, cursna, bar, pro/shell. dd- ws, eva, acc, mdt, pdt

Do you have Ventrilo (this is required)? yes

Is there anyone you're already familiar with in Reborn? Mckenzee, tab, bon and quite possibly a few others

Why do you wish to join Reborn? you're better than the alternatives and i actually know ppl in here and work well with them

If there's any other information you may think is relevant, please feel free to let us know. im pst and work retail nights mostly. right now hours are scant so ive tons of free time. when the holiday season starts there will be a week or 2 in there where i'll only have one day off but will be on on that day for sure. i generally get along well with others.
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I Love Melly Leader replied

173 weeks ago

Due to the influx of interest in our Linkshell, we've decided broaden our playtimes to three days a week. If you feel you can make that on average, we'll gladly pearl you :)!
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